Project 2

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HTML + CSS Exercise 2

This project was something I designed for my IM 161 Class. The webpage is supposed to be purposefully ugly, so I mashed together a bunch of horrible color combinations with overly large text, and unscaled photos using Adobe Dreamweaver. This is the ugliest a website can get.

I decided to pair purple with a disgusting shade of green, which made the design ugly already. But since the content of my webpage was bread, I gathered really bright images of bread so that it doesn’t fit with the colors I’ve already used. I also made the text mismatch in colors and size, as well as placed light-colored text on a light-colored background.

The feedback I received from my professor was that the code was perfect! The webpage was so ugly that it made him chuckle. I’m very proud of this project!



“Perfect code! Ugly page! And it made me chuckle. Fab job!”

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